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Portable Solar Power Generators

Portable Solar Power Generators
By Ian D Worrall

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Have you ever thought about how great it would be to get a solar panel for your home? It would be awesome to stick it to the power companies who have been bleeding you dry with their constant price increases without adding any additional benefits wouldn't it?

But there may be reasons why you can't add solar panels to your home.
  • If you're in an apartment or condo, the landlord or condo corp might not look too kindly to you putting one on your balcony.
  • The start up costs are admittedly high
  • You might simply not have the skills to install a solar panel yourself.
But fret not. You can always get a portable solar power generator. Similar to a gas powered generator, and about the same cost, a portable solar power generator can be great for many uses.
  • during a power outage they have the added benefit of being useful if there's also a gas shortage.
  • If you're in a remote area where electricity is non existent and you need to use your lap top or any other medium draw electronic.
Another benefit over a gas powered generator is that they do not emit any air pollution and little or no noise pollution.

Some things to watch for in choosing one are to make sure the solar panel you buy can handle your needs. To do so check amps of your electronics and the panel you intend to buy. There have been cases where reading negative reviews on Amazon people have chosen a solar panel that wouldn't be able to carry the load of their lap top and the thing wouldn't power their computer.

Then they blame the product and the company for their problem. Well no, you really should have checked to see if it would suit your needs.
In general a flexible solar panel costing about fifty bucks won't power your computer. You're generally going to have to spend up to three hundred dollars that.

And you can also get portable solar power generators that will power everything in your house even your refrigerator and freezer, but plan to spend over a grand. But as your electricity bills go down you are likely to find that they will pay for themselves after a few years depending on your electricity use.

All in if you want to help fight climate change and would like to get into solar power portable might be just the thing for you.

For more information on portable solar powered generators and other ways to fight climate change I run a blog on this topic as I believe we can't wait for our governments to get their acts together. We must lead them as they haven't been very good at leading us.

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