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Three Ways of Getting Off The Grid and Why This Will Change Your Life

Three Ways of Getting Off The Grid and Why This Will Change Your Life
By Rebecca K Mccormack

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When Physics look at outer space for Alien life, they don't look for little green men. They look for type one, type two and type three civilizations. A type one civilization has harnessed its planetary power. They control Earth quakes, the weather and volcanoes. They have cities on the ocean. Anything planetary they control. That's type one civilization.

A type two civilization is stellar. They have exhausted the power of the planet and they get their energy directly from their mother star. They use the power of the sun to energize their huge machines. Eventually they exhaust the power of a star and they go galactic. They harness the power of billions of stars within a galaxy.

What are we on this scale? We are type zero. Humans don't even rate on this scale. We don't get our energy for stars or galaxies, we get our energy from dead planets oil and coal.
So here we are a relatively immature species, struggling with the possibility of self destruction. Where do we go from here? How do we begin to live like these other highly intelligent civilizations?

The entire universe is filled with energy. One term for this energy might be the "general active force." By utilizing technologies that tap into this life force, we are working with nature instead of against it.
A torus is a shape that is created by rotating a circle around a coplanar axis that is not within the circle itself. It is a ring-like shape. The easiest way I would explain it is to imagine a doughnut. Strictly speaking, the torus is just the surface of the doughnut (i.e. where the powdered sugar is).

The energy in a torus flows in through one end, circulates around the centre and exits out the other side. Its balanced, self regulating and always whole. Its the form that energy takes at every level of existence.
The torus functions on a mathematical structure a pattern in nature that has been imbedded in arts and icons throughout the centuries. This code holds the key to a new source of clean and sustainable energy that could completely revolutionize the way all people live. This pattern holds the keys to a world that works for everyone.

Today inventors are using the torus dynamic as the basis for devises that generate energy without combustion. This revolutionary development which accesses zero point, radiant or free energy are now being called new energy technologies. These technologies tap energy like a windmill would gain energy from the wind, or a solar panel would absorb energy from sunlight.

With these technologies energy is extracted from the space around us, which means it cannot be metered. That is a direct threat to the signal largest industry in the world, energy. That's means no more Exxon Mobil, oil, coal or linear transmission of electricity, which is power lines. All this would be gone. Unfortunately, this is a 200 trillion dollar industry.

The proven coal, gas and oil reserves are worth north of two hundred trillion dollars. This information coming out, would change geo political power more than anything else in recorded human history and it would happen in one generation.

Currently, these new technologies are just that, new technologies. The majority of the population do not have access to these new technologies. However, what we all have is natural energy and sunlight. Both these resources can be harnessed to fulfill many of our basic human needs, such as energy and food.

How can we make little changes in our lives that can put us more in line with the torus?
By tapping this life force we take the first step of working with this universal energy, rather than against it.
The first step in this life transformation is to get off the grid. This means create a life style that reduces your oil and gas consumption as much as possible. This can be done in many ways but three easy steps are solar panel your home, grow your own fruits and vegetables and if you need a car, drive a hybrid.

On this website I discuss the benefits of free energy. This is an information site about new technology. I discuss ways each person can empower themselves with information that opens their eyes to certain injustices that are directly or indirectly effecting their well being.

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