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How To Stop Raping Our Heritage By Blocking Huge Wind Turbine Plans

How To Stop Raping Our Heritage By Blocking Huge Wind Turbine Plans
By Geoff Morris

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Promoting plans for giant wind turbines has become a much practiced art, by people whose main aim is to feather their own nests, in sometimes total disregard for the communities they totally unsettle. This means that to increase your level of success in overturning these planning applications, your approach needs to be made in a very special manner.

What has to be remembered, is that this government (and the last one), are determined to push ahead on their agenda to produce a very high proportion of electricity from renewable sources, especially from wind power. Sometimes this would seem to be carried out in what can only be described as a dictatorial approach, and for those companies who are well-versed in pushing your local planning committee down the road that company wants, usually has the backing of lawyers, other so-called 'experts', and unfortunately, bottom-less purses.

This means that you have to adopt a totally different approach to the way many of you have tried (and failed) in the past to block what can only be described as hideous desecration of our Heritage. Forget the emotions ('Not in our backyard' etc), but you have to present as many economic objections as you possibly can. Why? Because your local council has been elected (allegedly) to ensure that you get the very best value for money in the manner in which your local taxes are spent, and if not, heads will probably roll at the very next local elections.

You also have to remember, that if you fail in your first attempt, an appeal can be very costly, both for you and your local council, so you really need to get your objections in - in a hard-hitting a manner as possible - right first time!

It is a very well-known fact, that existing wind turbine technology is out of date, totally inefficient (around 19 - 23%), won't function very well in light winds, and has a disturbing tendency to blow up in strong winds - scattering debris far and wide, causing massive grid spikes, and reducing 100% energy output for months.

Now, local emotions do carry weight - as I do think we live in a democracy - so always put them in. But really labour the issue of what the real cost in terms of disruption and actual costs of installing these antiquated monsters will be, and then add in all the inefficiencies that also surround these outdated technological disasters.

Geoff Morris offers free individual advice on this topic. For more information (and some sample emails) on how to object objectively to having your countryside defiled, your power bills not reduced, and information on wind technology that is over 50% efficient, please visit his information web site (not a sales site) at or email him on

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