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Wind Power - Is It Safe for Humans?

Wind Power - Is It Safe for Humans?
By Lance Winslow

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Over the years, I've been completely amazed at the environmental crowd which is usually out in full force when it comes to any type of man-made energy generation which is killing wildlife, and yet, merely passes on the challenges with wind power generation. Today, we realize that wind turbines are killing birds, and bats, and creating ultrasound which is bad for biological health of living organisms, yes, that would include humans.

Still, somehow this is considered to be okay by the environmentalists, because wind power has been put on the pedestal of the eco-friendly energy schemes. The reality is it takes quite a bit of CO2 to make the concrete which is used for the base of these large wind turbines, and it takes over 15 years to offset that amount of CO2 which is created in discharged in the atmosphere for that amount of concrete.

Perhaps you are unaware of the tremendous problems which are caused by ultrasound and frequency pollution near these large wind farms. Living out in the Coachella Valley, not more than 20 miles from Palm Springs California where there are thousands of wind turbines, we can attest to the challenges to health from these wind turbines.

There was an interesting article in Wind Daily Online News titled; "Beware of misleading claims on wind farms and health," posted on February 3, 2012 which stated; "The clean energy industry today urged governments and the broader community to beware of misleading claims about wind farms and health by anti-wind power activists and to reject their calls for extra regulations that would send jobs and investment out of Australia."

Why do I find this rather ironic and hypocritical you ask? Well, it seems that the various protests caused by environmentalists, and unions have more to do with their political beliefs, and jobs, than they do about the environment or human health. It's just a political position trying to serve its political will using mass numbers of protesting humans. Speaking of which, all of those protesters are creating carbon footprints all over the place, and that's because humans are mostly made of carbon.

What I don't understand is why wind power gets a free ride, and it takes 10 to 20 years to get an environmental impact report completed to build a new refinery, or put in a pipeline. Why is it that we have this lopsided set of rules when it comes to energy? Wouldn't it be nice if for once everyone could agree to dump the politics, and agreed to an energy strategy which took into consideration the reality, not the created reality, or some sort of political reality which moves like the wind, but rather the actual? Indeed I will leave you with that thought, and I hope that you will please consider it.

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