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Exploring Water Ionizers and Their Benefits

Exploring Water Ionizers and Their Benefits
By Kristie Brown

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Water ionizers are devices which use a process called electrolysis to separate water into acids and alkalines. Three types of water ionizers are available on the market, and there are pros and cons about each type. They come in drop-ins, sticks, and pitchers. Many experts are convinced that there are no health benefits from drinking ionized water; however, there are still a lot of people who believe that ionization improves the water quality.

Drop-ins come in the form of drops, tablets, and powders which are added to the water. They are made up of minerals in liquids, powders, and compressed tablets. When dropped into water they raise the pH and create a mild negative charge. Many people like drop-ins because they are small and quite portable. There is, however, some debate about how much of these products a person should use each day. Plus, they only add to the water and don't work as filtration devices in any way. In order to use drop-ins, you must first start with water that has already been filtered. They make a good choice if you're only going on a short trip, but for long term use there are better alternatives.

Sticks are basically another drop-in option. While not being quite as convenient to use as the liquids, powders, and tablets, they are also considered more effective in raising ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Unfortunately, sticks do not filter the water any more than the other drop-ins do. Sticks also need more time to change the water, taking as much as 15 minutes of contact in order to fully ionize it. It is possible to speed up ionization by shaking the bottle with the stick in it. Sticks also require a bit of upkeep. After use, the stick must be kept completely covered with water in order to keep it active, so if you drink some of the water, you will need to find another water source in order to fill the bottle back up again.

Pitcher ionizers are not what you think of pitchers as being. Although they are somewhat larger than the other products, they are still portable enough for backpack, purse, or tote bag. Pitchers have the benefit of offering filtration as well as ionization. This enables you to use water that may not be so clean and feel comfortable drinking the H2O produced. Since it's important to remove bacteria, metals, chemicals, and the like from our drinking water to ensure maximum health, a filtered ionizer is a decided plus.

The decision is pretty much up to you as to whether you feel that you want to ionize the water you drink. Whether there are actually any benefits to doing so is still pretty much up in the air.

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